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Hey guys, you don't have to chat on the book anymore!
Chat in this chatroom (below) about books or whatever, it closes a year from now!

Also, check out the new wordle below, I copied and pasted the entire book into it :P

And the Title above? I'm gonna change it depending on the seasons now, so have fun here!

Book Wordle

Book Wordle

Sunday, May 18, 2014

GH Update 5/16/14

Hey guys, Friday was just here, and I missed it, but here is another update:

I am sad to admit we weren't very productive, writing-wise. We wrote 3-5 chapters, and still are this week. I did edit a few chapters in the beginning of the book, too. We struggled with TMI syndrome, as I like to call it, or too-many-ideas syndrome. We decided to stop at chapter 74, because we knew exactly what would happen next. This week coming up, don't expect a lot of chapters from me for 2 reasons: 1, we need to work on our presentation, and 2, I am going on vacation until the end of the month. Luckily, though, we know exactly what comes next!

As far as publishing goes, there won't really be a chance of that before the summer. Oh well.

Have fun, and please keep voting on the poll! Please spread our book!


Monday, May 12, 2014


Please vote on the poll! We only have 11 votes, and I will only keep it open until the book is finished! Please tell us what you think!

GH Update 5/9/14

Hey guys, it's time for another GH update!

We just went to TAFT, so the update hasn't come until now, but here we go:

We wrote up to Chapter 69, so we weren't as productive as before. You can read 64-66 now, we fixed them up. Of course, we got off topic, and I think that was our main problem. Editing-wise, I edited only one chapter, so that wasn't very productive either. Our goal is to edit at least 10 and write at least 5 chapters.

Publishing is questionable, but if not by the end of the year, we will definitely finish over the summer.

I ask again, please spread the book! I hope others will like it as well as  some!

~Tyler and Nate


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2048 2% edition

I stayed up late to finish this project, but I did, and here's the official 2% 2048 game!

Click below to get to the game (warning:a few tiles glitches, but it goes back to normal after maching them past yellow):

2% 2048

Thursday, May 1, 2014

GH Update 5/2/14

Friday... and May... are here! And with this new change comes another Update...

This week, we wrote six (a couple not finished) chapters, bringing us to sixty-six! We are still writing this week and hopefully a lot this weekend. Getting off topic is always a struggle, but this week our problem was that we kinda had TOO many ideas that they came out like a big blot of ink on the page. SO, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, DO NOT READ CHAPTERS 64-66. They won't make sense yet. I have edited with the help of tips from many sources (Mr. Shoemaker, Ms. Burner, etc.), and I will continue with that. My goal of the week is to edit 10+ chapters, and write at least 5 more. Nathan's is to write at least 7 chapters, and he is halfway done.

Hopefully we will be able to send part of the book to a publisher by June, but  June is drawing near, fast... It is still a go.

Please spread the publicity! We need the most help we can get!

~Tyler & Nate


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GH Update 4/25/14

Hey again, the week's coming to a close, and here's another GH UPDATE!

This week, we were better than the last few. We know that we can't write thirty chapters in a row again (That happened a while ago), but this time we wrote five-ish chapters that are longer, coming to chapter  #60! Our struggles always include getting off topic, but we were better this week. I have edited the first 5-10 chapters and continuing. Our twist has come (Chapter 58) and hopefully it will bring more viewers to our little project, and our publishing plan is still a go.

We want to continue writing and we hope to finish at least five more chapters, along with edit just as many.


Other Stories

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