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Hey guys, you don't have to chat on the book anymore!
Chat in this chatroom (below) about books or whatever, it closes a year from now!

Also, check out the new wordle below, I copied and pasted the entire book into it :P

And the Title above? I'm gonna change it depending on the seasons now, so have fun here!

Book Wordle

Book Wordle

Monday, May 12, 2014

GH Update 5/9/14

Hey guys, it's time for another GH update!

We just went to TAFT, so the update hasn't come until now, but here we go:

We wrote up to Chapter 69, so we weren't as productive as before. You can read 64-66 now, we fixed them up. Of course, we got off topic, and I think that was our main problem. Editing-wise, I edited only one chapter, so that wasn't very productive either. Our goal is to edit at least 10 and write at least 5 chapters.

Publishing is questionable, but if not by the end of the year, we will definitely finish over the summer.

I ask again, please spread the book! I hope others will like it as well as  some!

~Tyler and Nate


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