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Book Wordle

Book Wordle

Thursday, May 1, 2014

GH Update 5/2/14

Friday... and May... are here! And with this new change comes another Update...

This week, we wrote six (a couple not finished) chapters, bringing us to sixty-six! We are still writing this week and hopefully a lot this weekend. Getting off topic is always a struggle, but this week our problem was that we kinda had TOO many ideas that they came out like a big blot of ink on the page. SO, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, DO NOT READ CHAPTERS 64-66. They won't make sense yet. I have edited with the help of tips from many sources (Mr. Shoemaker, Ms. Burner, etc.), and I will continue with that. My goal of the week is to edit 10+ chapters, and write at least 5 more. Nathan's is to write at least 7 chapters, and he is halfway done.

Hopefully we will be able to send part of the book to a publisher by June, but  June is drawing near, fast... It is still a go.

Please spread the publicity! We need the most help we can get!

~Tyler & Nate


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