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Hey guys, you don't have to chat on the book anymore!
Chat in this chatroom (below) about books or whatever, it closes a year from now!

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Book Wordle

Book Wordle

Thursday, April 17, 2014

GH Update: 4/18/14

Another Friday has come at the end of a surprisingly short week. You know what that means: Another Genius Hour Update.

This week, we weren't very productive :(. We learned that we need to focus more on the book than anything else because we talked a lot and got off topic kind of easily. Our struggles included getting off topic, but we have broken out of that writers' block from last week and with the day off tomorrow, we will probably write more. (Miss Kirr calls it an extra Genius Hour). I have started to edit the old chapters and I will continue, and we have just planned a twist/cliffhanger that will come very soon... Also, our publishing plan is still in action and we are hoping to send it once it is fully edited, maybe even before we finish the book.

Basically, we want to write and edit more and our plan for next week is to write at LEAST to chapter 60.

Thanks for reading, and please keep reading!

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