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Book Wordle

Monday, March 17, 2014

First Post!

Hey, guys! My friend Nathan and I are writing a novel for our Genius Hour project. (Click the link to find what Genius Hour is!)

This book is a mix between Sci-fi and Fantasy, so most fiction lovers would love it! The book's title is unofficially called Forgotten, but it might change soon. The book is about two boys that get sent to train unexpectedly to fight the evil Kaimo, an alien force that has been trying to kill them off for centuries. But while they are training, the very unexpected happens... read to find out.

Hopefully you like it! The link is below:

Our book

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  1. Tyler, after hearing about the author today for Career Day, I truly hope that when you and Nathan finalize a title and are ready to send it out to a publisher, that they let you KEEP YOUR TITLE! Ugh. That would hurt if they changed it, wouldn't it? But if it would help publish it, I guess it's not that bad... What do I know? I have never written a book!! :-/